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GrowOp Canada
Unique Renewable Greenhouses

Extend your growing SEASON  . . . . .  Extend your growing HOURS.

GrowOp’s unique greenhouses can be installed & expanded as needed!
and we have many sizes and types for all growing requirements
whether you are a commercial or industrial grower or an urban residential grower

GrowOp Canada is dedicated to helping those who would like to grow their own vegetables, herbs,
flowers or any other plants they choose
At GrowOp Canada, you will find 4 different types of Greenhouses, LED Grow Lights, Off-Grid Power and all
the accessories to keep these greenhouses off-grid.

In addition, GrowOp Canada produces healthy, healing Crystal Pure Magnetic Water
and updates the “Tips & Tricks” page with interesting, informative articles about greenhouses,
plants, and planting season.

unique renewable greenhouses

unique renewable greenhouses

Thermal Controlled
Pest Free

A GrowOp Canada Greenhouse is:
~ Private ~ Secure ~ Indoors ~

Create the perfect growing conditions

No Harmful Chemicals
or Preservatives

Grow what you want; how you want!
Our Steel enclosures ensure an insect
& rodent free environment!

Widest Selection
of Produce

Our Large Green houses allow you to grow
a variety of vegetables & plants,
Including medical marijuana, cannabis,
hemp & organics.




We have designs to fit all your needs

We have your Solution!

view our selection of GREENHOUSES

Structure to Security & everything else too

We have your Solution!

view our selection of GREENHOUSE PARTS

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Cannabis Cabins are under Construction
Opening Soon

“The Cannabis Cabin”

“The Cannabis Cabin II”

If you are an urban farmer, looking to grow your own vegetables, herbs or flowers,
we have the smaller structures & more products for you.

Visit our Off-Grid division at

Visit our Tips &Tricks page for Helpful Hints

Government Funding for Farming Initiatives

We discount loyal & repeat customers

Thank you to our sponsors!

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