Heat / Vents for Grow Ops

Solar Engine Solar Air Heater
SAH500 / SAH750

Our heating system is solar powered complete with battery back up.

The room air is drawn into the unit by a fan which is then heated and pumped back into the green house. Special 24 volt circulation fans are also placed in specific areas of the green house to provide increased air circulation removing condensation & odors.

During freezing temperatures & as a backup, a heat pump is used to provide a constant warm temperature.

  • Free heating, lower heating cost.
  • Stand-alone heating system – with an integrated solar panel, there is no need to connect any external power to the fan.
  • Maintenance free, system life (more than 15 years)
  • Temperature control
  • Environmental friendly, no pollution.
  • High efficiency and maintenance free
  • Fresh air – choose fresh air from outside or air circulation within

Solar Engine Solar Air Heater  SAH500

$490.95 each

Solar Engine Solar Air Heater  SAH750

$750.95 each